Spring/Summer 2019

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HUGO Tailoring

The next generation

Come this spring/summer, HUGO introduces two new tailored innovations to its formal range. Presenting the Berlin suit, a new street style inspired silhouette and Aer tailoring, HUGO’s lightest suits yet.

Male model wearing a blue aer suit and black shoes by HUGOMale model wearing a blue aer suit and black shoes by HUGO
Male model wearing a white t-shirt and a blue aer suit by HUGOMale model wearing a white t-shirt and a blue aer suit by HUGO

Meet the talents

  • Berlin skylineBerlin skyline
    Summer in the city

    From Berlin street style to their own experiences with clothes, nothing is off-limits as we sit down to chat with the cast of our latest campaign

  • Presley Gerber

    His exciting lifestyle has seen him travel the world at 19, but it’s the little things that Presley Gerber values the most. “I like making others happy, doing whatever it is, like helping an old lady cross the street.”

  • Natalie Westling

    She might still be in her teens, but Natalie Westling knows where she's going. The 19-year-old is making waves as a model, designer and passionate activist, and returns to Berlin to star in her second HUGO campaign.

  • Jonas Glöer

    If you’ve seen our previous campaigns, you’ll recognise this face by now. Born in Hamburg, German model Jonas Glöer lived in Berlin for a number of years. “Berlin is very grey, and from the outside quite an ugly city," he says, "But I think that's actually what makes it very beautiful.”

  • Karolin Wolter

    After a career that has seen her travel the globe, it’s San Francisco that Karolin Wolter now calls home. She does, however, have a unique appreciation for Berlin. “If you go to downtown San Fransisco or New York, everybody is just trying to get stuff done. Here, people are just trying to enjoy themselves.”

  • Leonard Mushiete

    An avid basketball player, Leonard dreamed of going professional before his unique looks caught the attention of the modelling industry. After appearing in our Holiday 2018 campaign, he’s back in front of the camera for HUGO this season.

  • Binx Walton

    Growing up, Binx Walton was nicknamed after the iconic Star Wars character, but quickly became a star in her own right. Cast as much for her unique personality as for her supermodel looks, Binx stars in our latest campaign.