The 10 rules of sneakers

From sports shoe to fashion statement: the sneaker has rapidly made its way from the street to the boardroom, seen on the feet of everyone from pop stars to presidents. But there are still a few dos and don’ts to these ubiquitous shoes. Our 10 rules will show you how to wear sneakers with style in (almost) every situation.

Navy look with white sneakers by BOSSNavy look with white sneakers by BOSS
Sneakers in different colors by BOSSSneakers in different colors by BOSS
1. Choose the right pair

Sneakers come in every variation imaginable: from wild, patterned neon to sleek monochrome. The first question to ask yourself, though, is: do they suit my wardrobe? Remember, the more timeless the design, the easier it is for your shoes to cross over from a casual to a business outfit.

Close up leader sneaker by BOSSClose up leader sneaker by BOSS
2. Invest in quality

High-quality leather and premium workmanship are essential if you want your sporty shoes to transition seamlessly to a more formal setting.

Blue shades look with white sneakers by BOSSBlue shades look with white sneakers by BOSS
3. Opposites attract

Like no other shoes, sneakers embody easygoing cool. That’s why they need an elegant opposite: a modern trench coat, or a sharply cut blazer paired with fine cotton chinos, will work perfectly with low-key sneakers.

Business look with black sneakers by BOSSBusiness look with black sneakers by BOSS
4. Wear them to work

Sneakers used to be allowed in the office only on Casual Fridays – but today they are often worn to business meetings. According to a study by Harvard Business School, casually dressed people tend to appear more confident – contradicting certain dress codes signals that you are not dependent on the recognition of others.
If you wear sneakers with tailoring, your suit should have a slim silhouette. The ideal trouser length ends just above the ankle.

Bag and matching sneakers by BOSSBag and matching sneakers by BOSS
5. Complete your look

Wear your sneakers with carefully chosen leather accessories, for a coordinated style statement. The new BOSS Signature collection offers textured leather bags in modern colours, all handcrafted in Italy.

Different color of sneakers by BOSSDifferent color of sneakers by BOSS
6. Keep it simple

Clean, minimalistic sneakers exude understated cool. For a pared-back look, restrict your color palette to neutral shades like white, black, brown or navy.

Trousers and sneakers by BOSSTrousers and sneakers by BOSS
7. Show some ankle

A small but important detail: in spring and summer, leave your socks in the drawer.

Beige and white look with white sneakers by BOSSBeige and white look with white sneakers by BOSS
8. Add white to your collection

White is associated with lightness and freshness, so it’s no wonder that white sneakers are perennially popular. Cream or grey linings add a particularly elegant touch. Accentuated with chinos in bright colours, white sneakers offer a calming counterpoint.

White sneakers on a wall by BOSSWhite sneakers on a wall by BOSS
9. Take good care

Invest in the right care products to keep your sneakers in optimum condition, and protect them from the elements. Storing them on shoe trees will help prevent creases.

Sneakers and business shoes by BOSSSneakers and business shoes by BOSS
10. Know when to leave your sneakers at home

Last but not least: in situations with a strict dress code, such as black or white tie events, sneakers are still a no-go and should be given a break.

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