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The material: cashmere

Exceptionally soft and warm

Cashmere is one of the most precious materials around, prized for its unique softness and comfort. It is a type of wool, but cashmere comes from only the finest fibres, selected from specific areas of the fleece of the cashmere goat. These extra-fine, down-like hairs are what gives the material its silky texture, but they are hard to source, making the fabric rare and highly sought-after.

Cashmere is often found in sweaters and knitwear offering a luxuriously soft feel against the skin while providing an insulating layer in cold weather. It can also be woven into fabric for use in suits and coats, where its fine fibres add a refined sheen and a remarkably smooth finish. Cashmere is often blended with wool or other fibres adding to its strength and longevity without compromising the feel.

Pile of cashmere products by BOSS Pile of cashmere products by BOSS

Advantages of cashmere

Reasons to invest

There is nothing like the feeling of wearing pure cashmere. These are the top reasons to invest in the real thing.

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Cashmere can be up to eight times more insulating than wool. Its fine fibres trap air and heat, providing extra protection from the cold.

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The diameter of each cashmere hair is very small, allowing the fibres to be packed in quite densely with each other. This feels exceptionally soft against the skin.

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Cashmere offers high performance without being bulky, ensuring that products containing the fibre are usually lighter than those made from regular wool.

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Good quality cashmere, cared for properly, lasts for years. The fibre is naturally strong and retains its shape even after being washed. Read below to find out how to care for your cashmere.

How to style cashmere

Dark green coat and navy pullover with white trousers by BOSS Dark green coat and navy pullover with white trousers by BOSS
Brown cashmere pullover and dark grey trousers by BOSS Brown cashmere pullover and dark grey trousers by BOSS
Effortlessly sophisticated

The same fineness that gives cashmere its softness and warmth also creates a sleek and sophisticated look. Cashmere sweaters are often knitted from fine yarns giving them a refined finish. They can develop a slight 'halo' of soft fibres, which should be seen as a sign of the quality of the material. Pair cashmere sweaters with chinos or tailored trousers for an elegant, polished look.

Cashmere can also be woven into fabrics for suits, jackets, trousers and coats. These materials will often be especially smooth and have a slight sheen that elevating any look. Try wearing this with crisp cotton shirts and silk ties for undeniable style. Read more in the BOSS guide to different types of outerwear.

Cashmere accessories such as scarves and gloves are ideal for adding a touch of luxury to cold-weather outfits. See the BOSS guide to how to wear a scarf.

The BOSS cashmere selection

How to care for cashmere

BOSS pure cashmere label BOSS pure cashmere label
Clean and protect your cashmere products

Always follow the care instructions on each product.

It is often possible to wash cashmere items either by hand or in a machine using a hand-wash setting. Use cold water, up to 30 degrees, and a short cycle. Wash the product inside out and reshape while damp before lying flat to air dry. Always use delicate detergent.

Cashmere products can also often be dry cleaned according to the instructions on the label.

When storing cashmere, fold rather than hang the product to ensure it maintains its shape. If storing for an extended period, place the item in a dust bag or sealable container for protection from moths.

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