Different wool fabrics by BOSS Different wool fabrics by BOSS
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The material: wool

Soft and warm

Wool is a natural fibre that is clipped from animals, usually sheep, and has been used in clothing for millennia. It can be spun into yarns and knitted in various ways to make cosy sweaters and scarves, or it can be woven into refined fabrics for suits, trousers or coats.

Either way, its inherent insulation and softness make it a wardrobe staple in colder climes. Its ability to take on rich colours ensures an elegant finish. Reach for virgin and merino wools, which have particularly fine fibres, offering an even more luxurious feel.

HUGO BOSS carefully considers the sourcing of its wool. For example, the proportion of mulesing-free wool in our pure woollen knitwear products is 90% as of 2020. You can find out more on our corporate website.

Pile of wool products by BOSS Pile of wool products by BOSS

Advantages of wool

Reasons to invest

Wool is naturally equipped with many advantages for the wearer. These are the top reasons to buy wool products.

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Natural and sustainable

Wool is organically produced by sheep, and no synthetic version has come close to mirroring its properties. It's also fully biodegradable.

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Heat and moisture regulating

Thanks to its fine fibres, wool traps small pockets of air that help to insulate against the cold. Wool is not just for colder weather. It also performs well in warm weather, as it is able to transfer heat and moisture away from the body.

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Stain and dirt resistant

Wool naturally resists stains and dirt, making it an durable investment. It also resists picking up odours adding to its longevitiy of use.

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Thanks to its almost spring-like structure, wool contains inbuilt stretch. This allows it to move with the body while retaining it shape, and helps it to resist wrinkles.

How to style wool

Smart casual look with wool pullover and coat by BOSS Smart casual look with wool pullover and coat by BOSS
Wool great coat and wool green scarf by BOSS Wool great coat and wool green scarf by BOSS
High-performing layers

Wool is a versatile fabric that can be knitted or woven into clothing or accessories. As outerwear, it looks refined while providing necessary protection. In suits it is effortlessly refined and the texture contrasts impeccably with a crisp cotton shirt. Wool knitwear is ideal for layering up, whether in chunky or finely knitted designs. A wool scarf provides a simple way to add the comfort and warmth of wool to your attire. Read the BOSS guide to styling scarves here.

The BOSS wool selection

How to care for wool

BOSS label in a wool pullover BOSS label in a wool pullover
Clean and protect your wool products

Always follow the care instructions on each product.

Most wool products can be washed, while others will need to be dry cleaned. When washing wool, use lukewarm water and mild detergent. Never wring wool products. Reshape and lie flat to air dry.


Always give wool products a good clean before storing them. This will help prevent moths from damaging the garments.

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