Different cotton fabrics by BOSS Different cotton fabrics by BOSS
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The material: cotton

Endlessly versatile

Soft and strong, lightweight and protective. Whether it is a knitted jersey or elevated woven piece, cotton is undeniably one of the hardest working fabrics in your wardrobe. The extensive variety of pieces that can be made from this versatile fibre makes it one of the most popular materials around.

Cotton has been cultivated for centuries, and there are over 300 varieties available. The quality is defined by the length of each fibre – the longer the staple length, the smoother and softer the fabric. Egyptian, Sea Island and Pima cottons are considered the finest types around, and make for particularly sharp shirts, suits, T-shirts and accessories.

The HUGO BOSS Cotton Commitment outlines our approach to responsible fashion from the sourcing of cotton, the use of land, chemicals and water, as well as the socio-economic factors involved. You can find out more on our corporate website.

Pile of cotton products by BOSS Pile of cotton products by BOSS

Advantages of cotton

Reasons to invest

Cotton is widely used because it has so many benefits. Here are the top reasons to buy products containing cotton.

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Cotton very rarely causes skin issues – so it is even used in baby clothes and medical products like bandages, and why dermatologists recommend wearing it.

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Controls moisture

Cotton wicks moisture away from the skin and can hold up to 20% of its own weight in water before feeling damp. This helps you feel fresh and dry throughout the day. Feel the cooling effect on the body as the moisture evaporates from the cotton.

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Durable and easy to care for

Cotton fibres are strong and tend to stay together longer than synthetic products. This means cotton products last a long time, resist wear and can be washed many times before seeing the effect of age. High-quality cotton will actually feel better the more you wash and wear it.

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As a natural fibre, cotton is completely breathable and has inbuilt flexibility. This makes it ideal to wear against the skin or in layers, providing effortless comfort in every situation.

How to style cotton

Casual look with green cotton t-shirt and dark trousers by BOSS Casual look with green cotton t-shirt and dark trousers by BOSS
Dark blue cotton sweatshirt with white trousers by BOSS Dark blue cotton sweatshirt with white trousers by BOSS
Relaxed and refined

Cotton jersey is a finely knitted fabric that's naturally soft and stretchy, making it ideal for T-shirts and sweatshirts. Cotton T-shirts are incredibly versatile and can be styled simply with jeans or used as a layer under a shirt. Sweatshirts offer a more casual look, and for a modern way to wear them, try contrasting the sporty aesthetic with tailored trousers or chinos.

Cotton can also be woven into cloth, perfect for shirts or suits. From casual flannel shirts to crisp tuxedo shirts and everything in between, cotton is always the fabric of choice. Suits made from cotton are lighter and more breathable than wool, making them ideal for summer. Dress it down by wearing a T-shirt at stylish warm-weather events.

The BOSS cotton selection

How to care for cotton

BOSS cotton inside label BOSS cotton inside label
Clean and protect your cotton products

Always follow the care instructions on each product.

In general, cotton is easy to look after and doesn't need special care. However, it should not generally be washed at high temperatures as this may cause shrinkage. Allowing cotton to air dry allows the fibres to retain the correct amount of moisture in them, preventing them from becoming brittle.

To remove stains from cotton, it is often possible to use bleach or other heavy-duty stain removers, since the material is generally hard-wearing. However, always follow instructions on each garment carefully, particularly for coloured pieces.

Cotton clothing can crease while being washed. Iron according to the instructions on the product. Ironing while damp, or using steam, will help to smooth out the fabric completely.

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