Winter work outfits for women Winter work outfits for women

Combining a turtleneck:
the best styling tips

There’s a very good reason why turtlenecks are considered “classics”. They’re so versatile that they can go with almost anything, whatever the occasion. With a whole range of colours, styles, and accessories out there, we’re here to guide you through the best combinations of turtleneck outfits for women. Discover how to style turtlenecks and what to wear with them in this article.

How to combine a turtleneck jumper correctly

Turtlenecks are very versatile garments and can be paired with long trousers in any cut -from skinny-fit jeans to smart chinos and paper bag trousers. With a tight-fitting turtleneck and flared trousers, you can revive the groovy 70s, and wide leg trousers always look great with a slim-fit turtleneck jumper. Skinny jeans, on the other hand, can be combined with either a turtleneck in an oversized look or with a figure-hugging, bodycon model. All these styles make great combos for casual occasions and formal events alike.



Shorts and skirts are another great combination for creating daring yet trendy looks. This “long on top, short on the bottom” style is considerably in fashion right now and works best with high-waisted shorts, leather skirts, and thick fabrics for the turtleneck. And since British weather is rarely kind, it’s worth acquiring some high-quality tights to keep your legs warm in the autumn and winter months.



Dresses also work to create confident business looks. A dress and black turtleneck outfit can be combined with tights and boots for a cosy, elegant reflection of you as an individual. If you’re a fan of short-sleeved dresses or tops with a wide neckline, a slim-fitting turtleneck is also an ideal styling combination.

Winter work outfits for women Winter work outfits for women

Styling a turtleneck jumper for different occasions

A turtleneck sweater gives you the versatility to look good for any occasion. All you really need to remember is to match your other clothes to the style of the turtleneck. So, if you’re wondering what to wear with a turtleneck, here are a few ideas you can draw inspiration from. We’ve arranged them by style so you can choose what’s right for you.



Casual and feel-good outfits go hand in hand with one another. Loose-fitting pieces work best for casual looks since this is both trendy and comfortable. A light and airy cotton turtleneck is perfect for those late summer and autumn evenings. As the colder months roll in, slipping your turtleneck under a sweater will keep you warm even in winter. For relaxing at home, add a cosy cardigan and comfy joggers and you’re all set. Tie your hair up in a messy bun to add that carefree, but chic vibe to your look.




Turtlenecks are the ideal companion for business settings – just look at Steve Jobs! A neutral-coloured turtleneck can exude both confidence and professionalism and is perfect when combined with form-fitting pieces like pencil skirts or tapered trousers. If you have a very important business meeting coming up, wearing a turtleneck and blazer can offer that extra level of formality. But if it’s a more casual business situation, a turtleneck under a shirt paired with a necklace and matching earrings can do the trick.




Elegant outfits with turtlenecks are easily achievable with a figure-hugging design and a little lace, such as on the sleeves or neckline. Tulip sleeves on your turtleneck outfit also maximise your elegance, as does sleek, straight hair or a neat ponytail. Add a matching skirt, suave pumps, and your favourite luxury bracelet to turn heads at any dinner party or formal event.

How to choose the right colours

Choosing the right colours for a turtleneck outfit can be tricky, but the key thing to remember is not to overdo it. It’s best to select a neutral colour for your turtleneck, such as black, white, beige, or grey, as this goes with just about everything and you’ll be able to pair a lot more of your existing clothes with it. Then, you can add as many or as few bright colours over the top as you desire.


If you like wearing bolder, more colourful clothes, we suggest refraining from going wild with the bright colours. A subtle balance is necessary to ensure a well-rounded outfit, so combine a bold cardigan with a black or cream turtleneck for optimal results. As for a turtleneck and jeans, a washed blue pair is ideal for any look.


Alternatively, using tones of similar colours can give your outfit a bit of extra liveliness. Shades of green, turquoise, and teal are excellent for colouring your look in this way. That said, you can create stunning outfits with turtlenecks by using complementary colours that contrast one another beautifully. Violet and yellow or blue and orange are both exquisite colour combinations that can dramatically heighten the wow-factor of your outfit.

Winter work outfits for women Winter work outfits for women

What to wear under a turtleneck?

Next on the topic of how to style turtlenecks is what to wear underneath. Cotton t-shirts and vests are traditional favourites that continue to b e just as popular today. It doesn’t matter whether you use long or short sleeves, but something lightweight underneath is ideal, just to ensure you’re at your most comfortable when wearing your turtleneck over the top.

Styling your turtleneck with accessories

While they might be considered irrelevant or unimportant to some, accessories can actually make or break an outfit. Combine thick belts with your turtleneck outfit to create eye-catching styles or wear elegant pumps for glamourous looks. A long turtleneck can act as a mini dress and looks simply stunning when combined with boots and a thin belt.



As for hairstyles, updos and buns are ideal for creating chic and sophisticated styles. When combined with a pair of bold earrings and a matching necklace or bracelet, you can truly make a statement and turn heads in any room you walk into.





Outfits with turtlenecks are often incomplete without classy jewelry, such as pearl or crystal necklaces, especially if you’re going to a formal event. Gold necklaces are more suited to elegant occasions, whereas boho-style layered necklaces are better for casual looks. However, you don’t always need a statement necklace, you can also simply style your turtleneck with a single fine silver or gold chain.