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We all know what it’s like to return to work after spending countless days waking up late, relaxing and laying on the beach. The idealized vision of re-entry into the daily routine, filled with energy and creativity after a vacation, often has very little in common with reality. Holidays are amazing and the transition back to the office is inevitable, but it’s not always stress-free.

My advice is to stay calm, focused and relaxed. Here are five tips to help you smooth your way back into the daily routine and get things done the right way.

1. Plan your return wisely. You are better off making your last day of your holidays low key, allowing yourself to enter the office in a good mood. Avoid any unplanned excursions, late-night flights or other adventures that could result in a sleepless night.

When back at your desk, first turn off the out-of-office autoreply messages on your voice mail and email. Now is also a good time to streamline an overflowing in-tray, weeding out all non-urgent and inessential items.

3. Review your calendar for the next couple of days. You’ll be better prepared for the coming week, and won’t be completely caught off guard if you unexpectedly have a report to prepare by Friday.

Make a list of priorities. Instead of tackling your emails in chronological order and make a conscious effort to prioritize your work and tasks. Work on urgent topics and deadlines first.

Last but not least, returning back to work after a vacation is a transition period and September is the perfect time to invest in new business attire. You’ll definitely need to wrap up in something warm when the weather turns colder, and now is the best time to find a tailored coat to wear with your suits. There will be plenty of sunny days too this autumn, so an alternative option like a lightweight pea coat is also a great investment. Add a new suit and grained leather accessories and you’ll be set to step back into the office in style.

Guest Editor: Matthew Zorpas

Guest Editor: Matthew Zorpas

Matthew Zorpas is a London-based creative consultant. He founded his website, The Gentleman Blogger , in 2012, offering a mix of men’s style and travel features. A regular fixture on best-dressed lists, Matthew also teaches at several respected universities and recently published his first book: London 100, A Gentleman’s Guide. Follow Matthew on Instagram here .

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